Fun Things to Do in Ann Arbor Michigan

I have been wanting to make a review of Ann Arbor limo provider for years because I went to University of Michigan and have ordered limousine service of theirs for years and have found one particular company that I truly love.

What makes these guys great?


Their badass limos. I think they have the baddest fleet in Ann Arbor, MI I mean right when you enter the limousine you get this sense of you’re in a classy 1970s like AL PACIO.When it comes to having the time of your life you want to ride in a limo that makes you feel like a boss!!! Because bosses ride in a blacked out tinted window that’s just ridiculously fancy… Yes sir. It’s one of the perk of going with these guys. They really care about keeping the coolest ride around so for me its a no brainer. If you want to see the full list Click Here

I remember the first time I ordered limo service from them, it was freshman year at U of M and I was brand new to the school from Delaware. I had country mindset and I didn’t like to get rowdy too often. I was sheltered back home and was not used to the sudden influx of women, drinking, and partying. But I was feeling the vibe of the new life and I was excited to have some taste of it. I want to let friends back home that I am living a new life. NO longer am I going to live the life of a gamer playing world of warcraft.

So I went out every day for a while. I was forgoing some studying time in return get social skills by just going out again and again. and my first big party the second month of school was when my roommate starting trying out for a fraternity and they had a limo event in which I was invited to. The best limousines in my town have always come with a nice business owner with black stretch, black windows and black everything I don’t know its always been a great look that I love.

Ann Arbor has great things offer and I am the person to go to I have bought many businesses in the local area and let me tell you when I say I have found the best limo rental company in the area and this is it.

So I decided why not, and I went dressed appropriately and went with full intentions of trying to get laid this time as I had gotten close in the past few months of going out. What I was not ready for was that this limo was huge and we were going to be inside it with other men but many women too.  It was the perfect storm as they.

So I got few shots in me and decided to drift off into the evening with a bit of alcohol confidence and no real purpose but to get laid.


It was getting sexy in the ride after 1 hour into the trip. After everyone got few drinks in, the awkwardness was over and everyone was open. It was really fun but what was awesome was the limo interior gave everyone the right to party because it seemed like we were literally inside a club. So I started talking to this girl, her name was Emily and she was a sophomore, I thought she was out of my league but she kept on chatting me up and would restart the conversation after it had died.

At one point there was just a click in my brain that said “fuck it” , “go big or go home” so I just leaned in for a kiss which turned into a full blown make out right inside the ride while everyone cheered on.

It was on.

So we were now hand in hand locked arms and were totally into each other. We get to the venue and we danced for hours together. But there was funny incident in which my friend pulled me upstairs away from the girl to check out other places of the venue which I went, but someone the girl follow me up. I knew it was onnnn

So without telling you the rest of the details my goal was accomplished and I will forever be grateful for this limo company and I have ordered their service for many parties and will note that their owner is awesome and I totally stand by their awesome vehicle and affordable rates.

Don’t forget to call them: (734) 265-1551

Talk soon.

-Net Nagel

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