Riding around in Grand Rapids Looking at Local Limo Companies

Chauffeur Helping Woman out of Limousine

I’ve been on the hunt for new limo companies to review. While I begin to grow readership with this blog, I want limo companies to get to know me and become a professional reviewer of limo companies in the area. We will have so much more to work with in this business and I believe limo companies not only have to be great at what they do but be great with people.

You would be surprised how many limo owners neglect customer requests and just sit on the missed calls and not do anything. It is one thing that really hurts their business and one thing that I want all future limousine companies to avoid.

In the modern world with internet and yelp reviews one bad service can give you a 1 star rating which could hurt your business from years to come.

Here is top 10 common bad practices of limo owners

  1. They get lazy on their fleets and they become out dated and dirty
  2. They sleep on the calls missing many potential customers and ability expand
  3. they are not working at 10X levels required to meet their targets
  4. They are counting on their current client base when they should be pushing hard into the market to get more share
  5. they are trying to compete with other business owners and not trying to dominate
  6. they see their business as nice flow of income instead of something they need to go out there and create more of
  7. their business is not tied to a greater purpose
  8. they are not persistent with their customers
  9. they do not follow up after they missed the sale
  10. not keeping 100% best condition of limousines


When looking at all these factors they could be doing wrong in the limo game its no wonder most are pretty much same as everyone else.They are competing instead of dominating. When you get a good client, do everything in your power to keep that client and build a strong relationship with that client so that he comes back to you for more and more service on going and if you do even better service you will keep that client for life and refer you more limousine clients. This is how you expand business and this is what I would like all limo owners reading this to begin adopting and practicing in his life.

-Net Nagel signing out.

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