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Hello My name is Net Nagel and I consult with local businesses and go over what they can do to get a better market share in their markets. I can be reached at

So what does it take to become a great limo business owner?

Here is the top 10 important qualities for limousine companies need to establish in their practice:

  1. Look to dominate your current market not compete
  2. Every limousine has to be better than the competition
  3. Being the first company doesn’t matter but being thought of as the first, matters
  4. When speaking to clients position yourself as the #1 choice
  5. Ask for the sale and close
  6. 10x all actions and get fired up
  7. dominate the local space with unmatched online presence
  8. treat every client as if they have 1 million dollars
  9. Fulfill the needs of all the clients
  10. 10x all your goals and actions

I have been consulting business owners for over 25 years, and what I have learned is that most business owners do not have the selling mentality. In the United States there is sort of a disdain for selling, someone its though of as immoral and unjust. We do not like selling to people and we do not like to put in our business cards. Yet selling is what revolves commerce and the world. Where will our society be without selling?

You cannot have a negative image for selling and closing, because if you never offer your product or service no one will be able to buy. It is this aggressive business sense and a sense of urgency that business owners are lacking. And we take it granted what it would take to get to the next level of our success. We want to do things easy but we forget that the rest of the world is not operating at our levels. We forget that there is more to business than what is on the surface. See we only see the surface level of successful business owners, we look at Steve Job‘s and see that he made his iPhones but we don’t see the countless hours of trial and error that went into creating such amazing product. And we do not see the trial and tribulations of his personal life.

The fact of the matter is most of the modern civilization today have lived lives too comfortable and now have lost the fire the passion, the hungry drive to push forwards. This is why we see third world countries quickly rising to the top levels with their 10x actions. There is nothing that separates us and them.

And this 10x level of thinking and actions will get all local business owners, especially my current niche which is the limousine business far and dominate. We do not care for the little bread crumbs, we want to dominate. And the actions we take today will fruition into something much much larger. It takes an oak tree decades to get its roots into the earth, and then it only takes the 3 years to become a fully grown tree. I am planting seeds and making a giant tree for all of us to sit in its wonderful shade.

There is something to be said about having the right mentality for success because that affects each and every actions.

Recently I worked with a company limousine company out of Kalamazoo that was struggling with booking in the Holidays, the call volumes that were coming in were too low and they were not able to meet its targets. The problem I quickly discovered upon review with the business owner was that he was not sharing his goals enough with staff and the staff was not motivated. In order to become motivated we must set higher goals and expectations. Desire is healthy because it gives us the reason to strive for greater success. We want to be in this business to win it. So I recommended him couple of books like Grant Cardone’s 10X which I highly recommend to all business owners.

-Net Nagel

If you would like a free 30 minute strategy consultation, contact me at: 248-518-8904

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