Cool Limo & Party Bus Ideas


Have you been partying and wondered what it would be like to do the same inside a large limousine? But can’t find the right company in the area which you can trust and put bunch of money in? Don’t worry I have the solution for you.

I have been thinking about different topics lately one of them being what kind of limousines would be cool for Kalamazoo / Grand Rapids area? I have seen the companies around and most of them offer very similar type of vehicles like the seriously regular stretch town limo or stretch excursion limo, they are all pretty similar in my book.

Why not go little bit more out side the box and start making limos that are more fit for crazy parties like stretch hummer H2 or something even crazier than that. Then all of the western michigan students will flock to the company and feel that it is the best limo company in town and get so much business it will be ridiculous…

I will repeat say this again but in order to take over the niche you must completely blanket the space. Nothing more will do. In order to dominate the niche you must assert your dominance in the niche. This I am learning the hard way and I will continue to get pelted but the best thing I can do is to keep track of where does limo companies get success how do they keep it for the long term and what does it take to take it to the next level. Why not start including new line up of limos but also add some party bus to the mix and expand even larger and further.

We are always open to your ideas and you will begin to see that big businesses operate in a way that starts to make sense.

I want to talk to you about this one limousine company I have been working with and reviewing lately, offering my services to him. He has been in the limo business for over 15 years and he is wondering how he can grow¬† his business and improve closing ratios. What I didn’t mention to him right there and then was that he needed better fleets.

you know something that’s going to grab your customers attention such as this little beauty right here.


You know its never too late to impress your customers with some VIP service, if your fleet is lacking you need to be thinking of other areas where you can begin to blog up and make bigger and bigger this includes other things like getting a business handle and getting the right names and connections. If you are lacking in one area begin blowing air and making the other areas bigger. This is how every business owners should operate. Not by adjusting what has been but making something larger and larger and asserting your dominance it is one of the keys I believe to online domination.

So anyway I’ve been telling him look if you begin to increase your fleet size by even going into to debt, if you can make couple extra grand a month from that decision then it will pay for itself.

Granted this takes courage and balls, something not too many people have in this world. As you take more action and more courage, I think we will begin to see greater and greater results for years to come. We just have to put our heads down and keep working hard because the prize will be coming at the end of the tunnel not before. So I will keep working hard and keep my tools sharp knowing that there will come a time where I can really begin to use my skills and do damage.

You will see in the next coming weeks and month that what I offer is invaluable and you determinately need to hear these advises.


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