Good limousines in Rochester Hills


If you are in Rochester Hills, MI and looking for something to do on the weekends, why not rent a limousine from one of the more prestigious limo company in Oakland County.

Rochester Limo VIP located in Rochester Hills, MI

(248) 230-4344

This company has one of the biggest fleet in Michigan we are aware of:

They have it all:

  • Rolls Royce Limousine
  • Bentley Arnage Limousine
  • Jaguar XF Limo
  • Hummer Limo
  • Lincoln Limo
  • Maserati

The above are some of the core vehicles they have available but they got lots more if you visit their website, what’s nice about this company is that because they have such a large fleet, they have the authority to beat any quotes and give much better, nicer vehicle than the competition.

When you call this company one of the owners will answer the call, he is very nice, friendly and will do his best to give you the best deal in Oakland County, it is hard to find very good limo business owners out there, and he is one person that does a really nice job.

I have dealt with other limo companies from Rochester Hills, like Rochester Limousines and Cystal Extreme Limo and Dream Limousines but I find that most of those companies are booked up most weekend or the owner does not seem that enthused to book you, perhaps its because they already have plenty of customers?

One point I want to make about Rochester Limo VIP is that they also manufacturer their own limousines, which no body else in Oakland County is doing. This is how they were able to build the many cool sports car limos they have like the Jaguar XF or Bentley Arnages. I always love to support a company that’s producing products because that always benefits the economy, by helping to bring in money and more business and jobs to Michigan.

I have briefly spoke with the owner and his vision is to create Lamborghini limo and rolls royce ghost limo that will “shock the world”

I basically love the whole vibe of this company, I love that they are innovative creators striving to create more new products that is world class and I like that they have a goal and driven by their vision of the future.

If you are looking for quality limo rental, then you can’t go wrong with this company.


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